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IWF) is a well-established foreign exchange company founded by talented, experienced, and devoted financial consultants. Expertise, confidentiality and client service are paramount at IWF. We work one-on-one with clients focusing on their individual needs, business needs or both. IWF provides clients with state-of-the-art professional services including fundamental analysis tools, real-time trade execution and quality customer service. IWF also offers clients an excellent platform for online forex education and tutorials as well as an unmatched environment for clients to freely access and follow current market news, indicators and trends while trading.

IWF has chosen GCI Financial (GCI), one of the world’s largest clearing brokers to act as our clearing firm and carry our clients’ accounts. In its capacity as a clearing firm, GCI receives cash deposits made by IWF clients, executes customer orders and generates periodic statements. GCI is authorized to deal in shares, futures, options, commodities, and securities.

IWF is an affiliate of GCI, a dedicated partner to professional forex traders and fund managers worldwide. Institutional services include managed accounts, introducing broker solutions and strategic partnerships. Individual forex traders can take advantage of the market expertise and financial strength of GCI and access an institutional trading platform along with powerful real-time forex charts, professional forex market research and a suite of advanced forex trading tools.

IWF operates through GCI which is regulated by the International Financial Service Commission (IFSC). Through GCI, IWF must uphold the highest standards and business practices and is subject to strict financial requirements and reporting.

IWF helps clients open accounts to immediately trade 18 ultra-liquid, fast-moving world currency pairs in the foreign exchange market in a free, highly-functional 24-hour software trading platform with 200 times leveraged margin, super-low trading costs and freedom to enjoy complete access to round-the-clock customer service and streaming economic news feeds, signals and charts.

There is no other foreign exchange specialist that can offer better or more comprehensive service for the burgeoning and hugely exciting world currencies trading market (forex) than IWF.

Today’s world marketplace is an increasingly diverse globalized environment which depends on vastly complex and ever more efficient transfers of people, knowledge and assets world-wide in order to thrive and grow. With such complexity, an investor must use all the tools and resources at hand to make the most competent and informed decisions in order to obtain one’s investment goals.

For that reason, it is without a doubt imperative for modern investors to look beyond the tedium of local banks and equity exchanges, move away from the same traditional mutual funds and bland debt instruments and focus one’s investment energy on the largest and most efficient, yet fundamentally basic and omnipresent financial market on earth – the Foreign Exchange Market (forex - trading world currencies).

Foreign Exchange (forex) is a market in which global investors (big and small) can achieve the greatest potential for their investment dollar (or euro, yen or pound sterling)! Thus, IWF and GCI bring the best possible way for clients to quickly and skillfully trade in the World’s most dynamic market – world currency trading (forex).


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