FOREX TRADING TIPS Prepare Yourself Well Or Lose Everything

There are iron rules in each business and ignoring these rules will make the players kicked out quickly from the game, this is also applied in forex trading. These following forex trading tips can help you to make profits, keep your fund save, and play by the rules:

1. Never Execute a Transaction without Proper Analysis
Yes, sometimes you will see something that looks like a great opportunity, maybe from news or a glance of the trends. These ‘hunch’ may bring you profits once or twice, but it just coincidence, you will never survive in forex trading if all that you got is ‘hunch’ instead of proper anlysis and logical decisions.

This has happened to most of the traders when they started; they manage to gain profits by guessing, thinking that they already master the secrets of forex trading, and start giving forex trading tips to their friends. This attitude is the same like a gambler in a casino: throw the dice and pray. You’ll be thrown out from the game in no time with this kind of attitude.


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