About Forexworld.com

About Forexworld.com
About Forexworld.com
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Forexworld.com is website with a mission

- it has but one aim, to become the lifeline between the millions of Filipinos currently living and working in the US and the relatives and loved ones they have left back home.

Forexworld.com is the new media incarnation of Forex Cargo, Inc., the number one shipper of door-to-door boxes in the Philippines. Since its inception in 1983, Forex Cargo has prided itself in offering service that is safe, fast and reliable. It's these same virtues that make the backbone of Foreworld.com's service orientation.

Forexworld.com's content and services are geared towards the needs of the overseas Filipino and their loved ones in the Philippines. the website offers balikbayan box delivery services and online gift shopping. More than this, through Forexworld.com, they can send financial support in a hassle-free, convenient and reliable way by using its exclusive online money transfer service.


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