In reaction to the news that the FOMC would be keeping its benchmark interest rates exceptionally low for some time, the greenback slide against both the Euro and the Yen.

In addition, despite signs that the U.S housing market was beginning to recover, sales of New Homes fell to its lowest level on record- further fueling the dollar’s decline against its major currency counterparts.

Purchases of new homes within the U.S tumbled below expectations to an annual pace of 309,000, signaling that the added extension of the government tax credit may not be enough to revive demand.

This report further highlights Fed. Chairman Bernanke’s prior comments that even though the economic situation of the U.S is making a promising recovery, homebuilders continue to face intense competition from foreclosed properties that are continually driving down the prices in the market, while at the same time robbing the demand for new homes.

The result of which causes a chain reaction –decrease sales of new homes leads to a decrease in demand for construction, thus a decreased amount of employees in that field – directly effecting the level of employment for the country.

Following the release of Bernanke’s testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, and pessimistic U.S. Home Sales data - the U.S dollar plunged against its major counterparts. The EUR/USD broke a session high at 1.36250, and closed at 1.35371, up 0.18% from the day’s opening price at the Forex online market.

Today is the second half of Bernanke’s testimony of Congress; in addition, the U.S will release the Unemployment claims for last week, expected to drop to 461K, from the previous week’s 473K joblessness claims. Also out today (1330GMT), the monthly Core Durable Goods Order.

Orders have been revised to the upside in the past month, from 0.3% to 1%; while, Core orders have been revised to 1.4%. The positive trend is expected to continue, with a rise a rise of 1.6% in orders and 1.2% in core orders. This figure doesn’t touch the consumers, but has a long term impact on the economy.


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In spite of signals, the U.S homes market was starting to restore, sales of New Houses fell to its smallest level on report- further creating the dollar’s drop against its major money alternatives.

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